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Tech Start-Up Decrypthut Successfully Secures Seed Funding From Mayor Of Waltham Forest

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Tech start-up Decrypthut managed to secure seed funding from the Mayor Of Waltham Forest, Christopher Robbins CBE through the Future Enterprises Programme.

CEO of Decrypthut, Michaela Carew competed against 19 other businesses to win seed funding from Waltham Forest Council and support from local investors. The competition was run by Future Enterprises in December 2020.

What is Future Enterprises?

Future Enterprise is a programme that offers an opportunity to pitch for substantial seed funding to help nurture businesses and promote growth.The concept was born from the Mayor of Waltham Forest, who wanted to provide a unique opportunity helping under represented young people in the community and introduce them to a world of essential business skills and networks.

The course ran for four weeks and participants learned about business and finance from companies such as Lloyds TSB, PWC and many more. Decrypthut was one of five businesses to win seed funding from the programme, after successfully pitching to investors. As well as securing seed funding, Decrypthut also successfully secured three angel investors offering physical learning spaces located within Waltham Forest and several partners offering to contribute towards app, content and product development. The goal is to launch a pilot this year.

Michaela Carew, CEO of DecryptHut

How Will The Funding Be Used?

Here at Decrypthut, we seek to reinvest and upscale our business with any investment we secure. Our stance in teaching groundbreaking and innovative courses particularly focusing on the use and cultivation of AI sets us apart from our competitors. Our focus will be leading R&D, content development, teacher training, further app development inclusive of disabilities and broadening language options, which will allow our platform to be accessible in many languages to ensure diversity is included in our product. Through SEO, we seek to increase the outreach and improve the overall value and quality of our product.

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